Integrating the Octopus Agile tariffs to control Immersion Heater

@Jess_Fairbairn I’ve been able to set-up a card schedule when to switch the immersion heater on and off using the relay unit. But, now I’m at the stage where I would like to automate it so that it switches on with the cheapest Agile half hour periods and perhaps also be able to set it up so that it only goes on below a certain price. I think you already have a card to this? Can you do a screenshot of it or put it into my dashboard area so I can test it out and play around with it. Thanks

The automation I have set up works to trigger our HW “immersion” when the Agile 1/2hourly rate goes below a certain price. The next improvement on that would be an automation the chooses the (say) 6no 1/2hour time slots with the lowest Agile price over the next 24hr period - something to work on.
This has already been done by others - it is called Octoblock.
GitHub - badguy99/octoblock: Octoblock is an app which works under AppDaemon within Home Assistant which finds the cheapest “n” hour block for import or the most expensive “n” hour block for export, and works out the price of that block, for the Octopus Energy, Agile Octopus / Agile Outgoing Octopus tariffs.
I just need to figure out whether it can be added to the HEMS unit somehow.

Thanks @zapaman for bringing your earlier discussion point into this new topic. I thought you had responded to me earlier, but it seemed to have got lost under another topic.

Perhaps the technical people @peter and @Jess_Fairbairn can look at seeing how Octoblock can be brought into HEMS. I know @Jess_Fairbairn is working on Octopus Agile integration. It’s exactly what I want to do with Octopus Agile and Outgoing tariffs. @zapaman - we are both moving in the same direction. And once solved with one device it can then be done with my EV and hopefully my home battery system.

@zapaman I’ve tried to create an automation like yours but it does not want to save.

It has an error "Message malformed: Integration not found

Anyone any thoughts as to want has not wrong?

I’ve tried adding the Entity Card " sensor.octopus_agile_current_rate "

But it still does not appear to work.

You probably need to add an action to trigger the required device(s).

Thanks @zapaman . So I have triggered an action. But, do I need to create another automation to tigger an action that will say if " Agile higher than 7.5p = OFF" to switch off the original Action = “Agile below 7.5p = ON” Or will this original action stop when the condition of the trigger is not met?

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Yes it is best to have an OFF action as well. I would set the OFF action at 7.6p just to make sure it has a bit of an overlap.

Thanks @zapaman I guess another possibility is setting up a Condition within an automation. But, that looks more complicated to do!