Home Assistant/HEMS help

Hoping someone can help:
I am trying to integrate Hive Home heating into my HEMS, after all thats energy too!
There is an integration for Hive: Hive - Home Assistant
However this requires editing the Yaml file, which I am not sure how to get to (newbie to HA).

any help getting this integration added would be greatly appreciated!

I’m trying to do this as well. I started by trying to follow the same instructions for the integration as you and got nowhere! In mid December I asked on the Home Assistant forum, and advice was to follow these instructions. Scroll down the page until you get to


There are 2 ways to install the Hive custom component see below.

### HACS

The recommended way to is to install via HACS. Once HACS has been installed and setup. You just need to navigate to the HACS panel and choose integrations. This will show and option to add an integration click it and search for Hive in the presented popup.

Once installation is complete please follow the setup section to set the Hive integration up."

But I haven’t managed to install HACS even yet :confused:
However it does seem that editing the yaml file isn’t the way to do it any more.

If HEMs allows users to install add-ons, then you can get access to your config using the file editor add-on.
From there is just copy and paste.

That might be the problem, I don’t think the HEMS allows add-ons.

@ben or @peter Is this something that could be added from the powershaper end?

Many thanks

We are only supporting the core Home Assistant integrations which can be configured interactively atm. HA core dev is in process of transitioning all of their non-interactive integrations to interactive ones but there is quite a lot of them including many which have been semi-abandoned/orphaned so its taking a while.

The hive one is one such that has been abandoned (although it uses pyhive which is still going). Its also worth saying that Hive doesn’t have an ‘official’ API. Some clever people had to reverse engineer their internal API to make it work. And they make backwards incompatible changes to it all the time (there was one a few months ago). I dont think the hive integration in core is even working currently because of this. See: Hive integration suddenly stopped working · Issue #43890 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

But… we are regularly updating HA so as soon as it gets sorted out upstream it will get pulled in fairly quickly.

Is there an easy way to create / combine custom variables in Home Assistant? eg with the Octopus Agile tariff is there a way to create a new variable which provides the average rate for the previous 3days? This could then be used to set a customised threshold for turning on/off say a Shelly switched load? At the moment I have set up a static threshold for an Automation based on Agile, but if this could be further refined to take advantage of dip in elec prices after (say) a longer run of higher prices that might be useful.
See (for current static version of this automation)

As always Dom you are way ahead of us. We were thinking of adding some new entities like octopus_cheapest_1_hour or similar which could be used to control based on cheapest times within a day.

Custom variables is one thing that the HA community have found 100 different ways to implement and there is a graveyard of custom integrations for this purpose. In some applications you would be able to use value_templates. The issue with this specific application is that you need to sum over the history of a sensor, rather than using the current values of sensors. So I think the main issue is accumulating the value of the sensor over different periods. I will need to look into this further.

… so it maybe that it is easier for us to do this in either the octopus or powershaper integrations. But for that we would need other people to want it as well to justify.

I have got this custom / average temperature value working on the DEVELOPER section of another instance of Home Assistant, but still don’t know how to turn it into a working YAML.

  • platform: template
    friendly_name: ‘Ground Floor Temp’
    unit_of_measurement: ‘°C’
    value_template: {{((states(‘sensor.lounge_valve_current_temperature’)|float+states(‘sensor.dining_room_th01_temperature’)|float+states(‘sensor.living_room_th01_temperature’)|float+states(‘sensor.receiver_current_temperature’)|float)/4.0)|round(2)}}

I also got a bit of a warning on the Ovo forum about using the Ovo integration - seems it generates far more traffic than needed by polling quite often for daily totals which are only updated once a day!