Smart Meter data for performance gap measurement


My local climate change group want to check whether a block of flats is meeting the CO2 targets that were agreed to as part of the planning process. Does anyone know whether it is possible to get anonymised data for a specific property or building?


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Coincidence. I was on a call last night with a similar local group where someone was wondering if they could make ethical decisions about choosing rented accommodation. I suggested they might ask to see an EPC but I had to mention that EPCs are just a rough indicator.

It would be great to be able to do what you suggest. However, how often would you find that measurements are even taken, let alone compared to an approved plan? Then there’s the question of why a landlord would bother produce anonymised data - probably a GDPR requirement if provided to a 3rd party.

I am not sure there is any way to get the anonymised data. However one approach might be to work directly with the tenants encouraging them to share exports of their smart meter data (with a guarantee of anonymity). It could be an interesting way to get more people on board with holding the developers accountable.

They may need to use an intermediary service such as our smart meter service, or n3rgy directly to access this, but it would be possible.

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I am not certain if you can have multiple supplies to a block of flats? If you are within the post code for the block you might be able to look at average local use from a supplier like British gas for online bill comparison. If the block has it’s own post code then it should also be possible to get online aggregated data for local comparison.

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If you know the postcode of the property you might be able to find the EPC. That is at least a place to start, of course the EPC may be more or LESS accurate and real meter / energy readings would tell you even more.
Find an energy performance certificate (EPC) by postcode - Find an energy certificate - GOV.UK (

John If the building has its own post code then yes I have the data. It is released by BEIS annually for domestic properties where there are more than 6 properties per postcode. If you want a cut let me know. Otherwise the whole thing is on the BEIS website but files are pretty huge. Ian

Thanks @ian, and all, I’ll get the post code and give you a shout if I can’t get the data from the BEIS website

@ben @mattfranklin are there any plans to allow Home Assistant / HEMS to access the Carbon Coop hub smart meter data? ie Your Smart Meter data | Carbon Co-op Hub
I realise there would be a time delay in the data getting posted but it might allow users to make some energy efficiency assessments within Home Assistant.

Not that I am aware of but we have discussed internally pushing other data down from the hub such as solar/demand forecasts/weather. I agree there could be some applications. @peter may also wish to comment.

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I have thought about this a bit. I’m not sure how to best surface historic data like this in HA. Will think about it.

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I have just noticed that the Carbon Coop Smart Meter dashboard now includes a “daily profile” feature which gives you your average daily usage profile over the period of 1 week, 1 month or 1year. Really useful and informative!

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Glad that you like it Dom! We are planning some more comprehensive improvements, but this one got out a little early alongside some bug fixes. :sweat_smile:

Yeah thanks for this little update. One little comment, not sure if you can fix: if you select 31-Mar-20 then dial back one month it happily displays 31-Feb but of course fails to calculate a “daily profile” as there never is a 31st of Feb!.

Well spotted! I will pass that along to the developers and see what we can do.