Should we have a new forum category?

I have seen a few different forum threads which don’t easily fit into either the #home-energy-systems or #people-powered-retrofit categories, and thought it might be useful to add a new category for these discussions.

Some examples of threads outside of the current categories:

If people think this is a good idea let me know in this poll, and if you have any suggestions for what we should call the category share it below (maybe we will have a future poll on this!).

Should we have a new forum category?
  • Yes we should have a new forum category (make a suggestion in this thread)
  • No we don’t need any more categories

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Call it something like: Low Carbon Communities


Agree with Dom’s suggestion

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Thanks for the input guys. I really like your suggestion @zapaman and I think it also covers a large part of Carbon Co-op’s work which is not currently reflected in the forum structure, particularly the GMLEM project and our broader organisational goal around energy commons.

I will leave this open until tomorrow to give a few more people the chance to make suggestions and input if they want, and then I will make the changes.

Just to announce that I have created a new category based on @zapaman’s suggestion #low-carbon-communities which I hope will be a good place to foster conversations around how we address climate change and move towards a low carbon future in our communities.

You can check it out here: #low-carbon-communities