Octopus Saving Sessions with a Nibe ASHP

We have our first Octopus Saving Sessions coming up tomorrow. I am wondering about the best way to tell a Nibe heatpump (SMO20 controller) not to run for that hour.

There is a “schedule blocking” option which sound like it might be the right thing. “The compressor can be scheduled to be blocked for up to two different time periods here.” Am I understanding right that if I block the compressor for that hour, then the heatpump will avoid running then?

Yes that should work.

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This was a good prompt for me to set up the “schedule blocking” just now.
I’ve also set up another “schedule blocking” event for this Thursday 1600-1700hr when the next PowerShaper Flex event is timed to happen.

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we are signed up for octpus saving sessions, hairdressing shop our first saving session at this time 5 pm to 6 pm we closed but last week i was working in the shop with light and power on this may have increased our averaged used power. So may have a saving, will wait to find out

Your target is based on your consumption at the same time over the last 10 weekdays, so having higher levels of activity recently will help.