No half hourly meter data available since 2 August

Just checked both my Ovo smart meter readings and on Latest data came in on 2 Aug 2021, 6:14 a.m. Does that mean the problem is potentially at DCC?
Has anyone else stopped being able to access their half hourly data?

What make is your meter? The Octopus forum has several threads with makes of meters or firmware updates that aren’t working in one way or another. The big offender is the Kaifa M120, whilst there are several threads about errors with L&G meters, particularly their incompatibility with Powerwall batteries.

It’s a Liberty Secure. SMETS1 - had a blip a year or so again, but haven’t checked over summer, so annoying to find the interface is broken again. I thought I’d read somewhere on the Ovo forum about an upgrade to SMETS1, but forgot to bookmark it and can’t find it again.

Those meters are being assimilated into DCC (otherwise known as The Borg). You can look forward to more SMETS2 type errors from now on. I have the same meter type and have been lucky so far.

We are looking into to this, at the moment from what I can see this issue is only applying to your meter. We have put it through the diagnostics tools and there is a hope that it might come back online (this can sometimes take some time) otherwise we will investigate further and see if we can get you back online next week.

Both my gas and my elec meters are still working on fine on the CarbonCoop hub.
However, my gas meter is not working on the Octopus site; which is fairly odd.

Hi @sianrichards55 thanks for bearing with us. I have chased this with our data supplier and they have told me after running some additional diagnostics, they found that your meter is a former Secure meter which was migrated to DCC on the date it stopped responding.

They have updated the information on the meters from that HAN and recieved recent data. They have said that their updating process will populate the missing data on the next few days. So fingers crossed it will be functioning as normal soon.

Sorry for any trouble this might have caused!

Thanks for chasing this up Matt. Not your fault! I can now see half hourly gas data on the CC hub. So it was the data supplier 3nergy? that had to do something?
Not showing on Ovo yet, so will give them a nudge and suggest they need to do something similar. More brownie points for me on the Ovo forum thanks to your efforts Matt :grinning:.

Hi Sian! No problem. Indeed N3rgy provided me with the information that I shared above, I am not completely clear on what it was that they did which led to the return of the data and they have access to some diagnostic tools which we don’t.

I think nudging Ovo is probably the best approach, and hopefully some of the information above will help prevent them avoiding dealing with the issue. As you mention I think it is quite likely that the will need to do something similar since their role in the system is broadly comparable.

I hope you are able to get the data back online through Ovo and do make sure to let us know how you get on!