Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP)

My LG ASHP installed but is it performing satisfactorily?
The provided console tells me nothing useful in this regard.
As it has a separate electric meter I can see the energy used, but not the heat delivered (, although I do have temperatures vs time from another device)
I’m still trying to find out from the installer how much an MMSP service would cost. The hardware is being quoted at £1400. Probably 600 for the kit and the rest for installation service. Then there will probably be an annual charge.
Does this sound sensible?
Any suggested alternatives (incl. DIY)?

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That sounds like an interesting problem Paul. Welcome to the community!

I am afraid I don’t have any direct experience on this, but I will see if I can find someone who knows more about this topic.

Hopefully another member will be able to give you a better answer. :slight_smile:

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If you arent wedded to a MMSP package and are open to DIY or homebrew route i can make two suggestions…

Suggestion 1:
As commented elsewhere by @andyham , Trystan Lea at Megni ( has been doing a lot of work creating a DIY monitoring solution. You may wish to drop him an email.

Suggestion 2:
I have been speaking with Karolis Petruskevicius ( at Evergreen (and formerly Homely Energy) and they make a heat pump monitoring/management device which you may be able to use (dependant on your make/model) to get more detailed monitoring on your system (you may need to purchase some add ons to make it work). Amongst other interfaces, it supports talking to heat pumps over modbus and I think LG may support this. He will know more. I would encourage you to get in contact with him.

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Thx Ben,

I know Trystan and would use his solution if it was MCS approved as I want to participate in comparative studies.

I did not know Evergreen were in the game. Will make contact.


I know Karolis’ system is pending certification for use as part of MMSP package but I dont think they have it yet.

Thx Ben,
I’ve started a conversation with Karolis. I may be able to assist them in gaining certification.

Hi Paul,

Before you make any decision, please talk to Trystan about monitoring systems and MCS approval. Some of the worst monitoring systems on the market are MCS approved. The problem is, that to meet MCS criteria, compromises have to be made about how the monitoring system works. I know this has I have talked at length to one of the people who was a member of the panel deciding on monitoring system design. Also when I was at a government briefing session on HPs I was surprised at the lack of government knowledge about how HPs work in practice. However, I should add, that this was 5 years ago. You will need to talk to Trystan for an overview of the current situation. Trystan works closely with John Cantor, who could claim to be the most knowledgeable person in the UK on the practical issues concerned with domestic HPs. John built my first Heat Pump for me from basic components, in 1993, and he and Trystan have given me excellent advise about HP technology since then.

Thx Andy,
I never got an answer from Trystan about this but will try again.
Also, I never heard that an MCS-proved monitoring system has any specific disadvantages.
Regards, Paul

My ASHP is happening in just over 7days time. We will be getting a PassivSystems version of the MMSP.
At this stage I don’t have a full understanding how I will be able to extract COP and heat flow data etc from the MMSP. Also I wonder how much I will be able to use the data to automate the daily temperature profile from the ASHP and optimise for lower cost / carbon elec from Octopus Agile tariff. I will post details as I know more and when the system is up and running.

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