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The People Powered Retrofit team get lots of queries around the different types of materials out there, and unfortunately unless we’ve seen your home and are commissioned to give advice, we can’t really answer!

But there are good websites and online resources out there. Found some? Share away!

Not sure if what you’re reading is true? Flag it up and perhaps as a community we can work out if it’s legit.

Websites shared by Carbon Co-op team members are not endorsements!

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Useful websites in this thread

  • Greenspec - wide variety of clear, well laid out material. Edited by architects and used by design professionals and self-builders alike.
  • SIGA - Swiss vapour control layers, tapes, adhesives and sealants brand with detailed information on the website.
  • Green Building Forum - a great community sharing knowledge about green building practices.
  • Thin internal wall insulation - UK government research into thin internal wall insulation used in retrofitting homes.

Greenspec is a great place to start, and has a huge variety of really clear and well laid out information. It’s edited by architects and used by design professionals and self builders alike.

Great idea Lewis, if we get some good links we might want to create a Wiki Post that other members can edit and use to help build the best collection of content!

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I found the SIGA website very informative and deliveries from them were quick

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Thanks @lloydham, for sharing that! I have turned @lewissharman’s post into a wiki-post which should mean it is possible to for anyone who is over Trust Level 1 can edit the post to add links.

This is my first time doing that, so fingers crossed it all works, and I did it correctly.

Hi all,
I need some secondary glazing for a leaded window. Can anyone suggest good (local suppliers)?

New research has been published on thin internal wall insulation for solid wall buildings.

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Thanks Ian I will add it to the list in the original post. Also, just so you are aware this post should be set up so that anyone can edit the original and add links, so next time you come across something just feel free to add it directly.

Hello Im looking for a ‘local’ supplier of lime plasters. The Greenspec lime supplier , Limecrete, is based in Oxford. The closest i have found to date is Ty Mawr near Brecon. I am based in Ellesmere Port.

Hi Tim.
Unfortunately there aren’t any specialist lime suppliers around Manchester or Ellesmere port I can think of. It is quite a specialist product nowadys! I have bought Lime products from Ty Mawr before and thought the price and service was good.
Sorry I cant be more help on this and hopefully demand will mean a more local supplier sets up in future.

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Thanks Liam, a more local distributor would be very useful in saving on haulage costs and emissions.

Hi, came across this information for a house built in 2014 and it looks pretty inspiring
PassiveHouseData - John McCall Architects
The building is performing almost 4 times better than the Passivhaus standard that it was designed to exceed and it’s now reached the superior Swiss Minergie level which is incredible.

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