Innovative energy tariffs

Using this post we can keep a bit of a list of the innovative energy tariffs currently on the market or coming soon. This list is not an endorsement of these tariffs or the energy suppliers offering them.

There is a lot of innovation in energy metering going on behind the scenes of energy suppliers as well, with half-hourly settlement increasing across the board. This list will focus on including tariffs which offer something innovative to the consumer.

More and more new and innovative tariffs are beginning to be offered by energy suppliers. Some of these tariffs allow savvy smart appliance users to take advantage of low energy prices at specific

Of course that a tariff is innovative does not necessarily mean that the company behind it is a paragon of virtue, and we encourage you to check out Ethical Consumer magazine’s great work ranking suppliers based on a wide range of factors.


  • Octopus Go - designed for electric vehicle owners this time-of-use tariff offers cheaper electricity rates at 5p/kWh between 00:30 and 04:30.
  • Octopus Go Faster - similar to Octopus Go, but with a 3.5 or 5 hour cheaper slot for 4.5p, 5p, or 5.5p/kWh respectively with hourly starting times from 8:30 to 1:30. You can change to this tariff from Octopus Go.
  • Octopus Agile - a dynamic tariff which changes daily, has occaisionally offered negative pricing. This is particuarly interesting for people with multiple smart home appliances.
  • Bulb Smart Tariff (currently closed beta) - this tariff is a fairly typical TOU tariff with multiple ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ times throughout the day.
  • EON Next Drive - targetted for electric vehicle owners, car charging is automated through their app and offers 4p/kWh between midnight and 4am.


  • Outgoing Octopus - a new export tariff taking over from the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) offering dynamic pricing for solar panel energy export.
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I have made the post above a ‘wiki’ which should mean it is editable by other forum members. If you come across a new ‘innovative energy tariff’ please feel free to add it directly above. We are expecting to see a lot more of these kinds of tariffs in the near future, so hopefully this resource will continue to grow!

I’d like to add octopus go faster to the list, same as go but you can choose a 3,4 or 5 hour cheaper slot for 4.5p, 5p or 5.5p / kWh respectively. Also choose a starting time of 8:30, 9:30, etc until 1:30

Thanks for sharing Oscar. Can anyone sign up for Go Faster at the moment? I can’t find much about it on the Octopus website do you have a link?

Also feel free to add it yourself directly, it should be possible to edit my first post (as I have tried to set it up as a wiki-post).

I believe anyone can switch from Go to Go faster, just need to request it to octopus

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Great, thanks for the information. I have added what you shared to the list above!

Is anyone offering a collective SEG scheme? Where domestic exporters benefit from a better SEG rate by banding together? The collective model works in other areas so could here (surely scale of sign ups works for energy companies?) but I’ve not heard of it.

Smart Export rates are so low compared to import.