HEMS February Update

The February update to the Home Energy Management system is on the way!
The main changes this month are:

  • Upgrade to Home Assistant version 2021.2
  • Addition of an Outgoing Octopus custom integration

This update will roll out on Friday 12th February.

Read about Home Assistant 2021.2

The Outgoing Octopus integration can be added in the usual way for an integration. Go to Configuration → Integrations, and search for Outgoing Octopus. The integration will use your location data to select your pricing region.

You can add a price card to your dashboard in the same was as for Octopus Agile - just hit the toggle for Outgoing and it will select the right data source and colour scheme.

Please note - it may take up to 10 minutes for the Octopus data to appear on your system once you have installed the integration

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Will the HA Upgrade occur automatically?

Hi Peter, the update will happen automatically through our systems. If you experience any issues (other than a short outage whilst the update installs) please let us know. If there is anything to add on our end I am sure @peter or @Jess_Fairbairn will let everyone know.

It will Peter - we roll it out through our backed systems.
Just doing some final testing here.

That release should now be available - just drop a message here if you have any questions.

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I realise that the Co-op may already have links with Ethical Consumer (based in Manchester) but it has just issued its March/ April 2021 edition of its magazine which focuses on ‘Heat and power your home without fossil fuels’. I’ve yet to read its comprehensive coverage, but further to my suggestion earlier in the year about more general awareness webinars – it’s struck me that it could be useful teaming up with the Ethical Consumer to do some general webinars and thereby access a wider audience with the potential for extra Co-op members etc etc. Just a thought in case not already considered.

Hope useful? Cheers Paul

Thanks for sharing Paul! @jonathan actually used to work at Ethical Consumer and has a regular column called 'In the Smart Home…" it is a great idea for some webinars, and we have been thinking of running some more conceptual/ideas based talks.

Here are the recent smart energy appliance articles by Jonathan:

Hi there. I’ve only just looked at my edition in more detail and seen that Jonathon has an article in it and that he has been a writer for Ethical Consumer! I thought I’d better get on the forum and highlight this anyway but have now also seen your response Matt. Big apologies to Jonathon! The March/April edition (No 189) has a excellent set of guides and great material to raise awareness across a range of systems, tariffs and technologies - ideal for some webinars for a wider audience. Cheers Paul


No problem at all! Definitely worth highlighting, and great idea for a webinar series.

Yes a great idea for a combined webinar event @Paul_Hyde