Floor Insulation

So has anyone got any tips about floor insultation - I can’t seem to get my head round how effective it will be (hot air rises, right?) and how it would work with airbricks (I have an odd situation that one of the downstars rooms has 6 airbricks and the other none!).

Any thoughts or comments welcome! It’s such a great place here to be able to disucss stuff like this…


There are some good references/blogs around, like this one. If the airbricks are in the way, there are telescopic extenders to make sure air flows under the insulation, though some recommend at least 200-300mm of clearance between the insulation and ground to allow sufficient ventilation of the timber. If using barriers lapped over the joists, it can be make a big difference if you seal the barriers to the walls, otherwise the cool air just gets pushed up around the skirting and into the room.

@epickering , As you suggest, from an energy conservation point of view, insulating the floor has a low priority. What you do need to do is completely draught proof it, and while you are at it you may as well insulate.

You will see a marked increase in comfort as there should be far less cold feet and ankles.

Hi all, I think you need to work out what type of flooring you have (suspended, or mixed (solid)) then work out how much heat you are losing / how much cooling it is responsible for - (measure temperature difference between rooms and or do an IR survey (take a load of pictures) to see what is happening in real time. This will help you prioritise action. I did most of my house including all the skirting and concrete floor dug up and replaced, and it is the best thing I did. Weak sunlight through the windows warm the floor quickly and it feels like underfloor heating. If you sit on the floor it warms up and stays warm! While I was doing the work I thought I had gone too far but now living with it I am beaming.

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As an alternative to floor insulation, I am considering using these “smart” air bricks - anyone know anything about them? https://www.airex.tech/

If you believe the blurb they seem a must for virtually every home.
I am encouraged that a well known name is involved, by which I mean Dr. Sofie Pelsmakers.
( Sofie Pelsmakers | UCL Energy Institute - UCL – University College London )

Hi, is there any recommendations for fitters of draft proofing in Manchester? We have a crawl space but it looks tight and I doubt I’d get down there…thanks for any advice