Fans for radiator

I’m thinking about adding fans to a couple of radiators that are a little bit underpowered with my ASHP. Does anyone have experience with speedcomfort or similar, do they work?



I recently bought two radiator fans to cool their rooms by drawing cooler floor air though the cool radiator and into the room. For 1 Watt they are very efficient. I’m hoping to use them with the heating on, but not quite yet.

Radfan are launching a heat pump version of their fans at the end of the year with more fans to draw heat from the relatively cooler radiators. More fans also means more noise. A problem with the current radfans is that they only switch on when the embedded thermostat reaches 30 °C and the cooler radiators will take longer to achieve that. It’s to do with the temperature differential between the radiator and the deeply embedded thermostat.

Hi not that you have a “dirty house” but there can be a buildup of dust on the radiators fins.
Use a thin duster and vacuum, it may suprise you how much is hiding.
It will get the radiators up to full efficiency.

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I dust my radiators a few times a year and a lot of stuff comes out, including toy cars.

The other day when I was deep cleaning a wet room it suddenly occurred to me to hose down the radiator. Oh boy, the amount of fluff and dust that got flushed out was amazing.

I bought speedcomfort fans. I will test this in one bedroom to compare with the other and feedback in the winter.

I did test them and they seemed quieter than I expected. As they will be at the end of my bed (head end) and I am a light sleeper we will see how it goes.

Similar to Andrew I have a heat pump and one radiator is underpowered. Due to space constraints I can’t upgrade the radiator. I bought a SpeedComfort and its very easy to fit but it doesn’t goes on until it sense the radiator at 35C. Due to my compensation curve, which is determined by the rads in the other rooms, its only in the coldest weather that the rads reach 35C.
Is there a way to adjust the thermostat in the SpeedComfort?
Or is there another system which can be controlled differently and activated at lower radiator temperatures?

Does the unit have an always on setting for summer cooling? If so that would enable external control by a timer or thermostat.

The fans work well and as the rad is behind my bed it is quiet enough for me as a light sleeper.

I’m not aware of any adjustments on the thermostat other than trying to move the sensor to the warmest part of the rad.

My flow temperature is higher than 34c so this has not been an issue for me.

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