Accessing funding for energy saving measures - Green Homes Grant

Has anyone applied for this? Green Homes Grant - Greater Manchester Combined Authority

I expressed interest a couple of days ago and someone from EON rang me today to see if I was eligible. The main criteria are an income of less than £30k and a property rating of E, F or G. A surveyor will visit my house at some point, although they didnt have any appointments available in my area right now.

I am part way through my retrofit journey which has been going on for over 10 years on a house that had an EPC rating of F when i moved in. As that was done over 10 years ago, the surveyor sent by EON will do another EPC. The very gradual improvements I have made will have (hopefully) pushed up the energy rating so I may end up being disqualified from applying for the grant. This is really frustrating because I have just had some work done which has put me into debt and it will be a long time before I can save up enough to get EWI installed and £10k towards it would help massively. The scheme is backed by BEIS, GMCA and being administered by EON.

So it’s worth looking at if you think you might be eligible. I’ll keep you posted on what happens with my application …

As far as I know the Green Homes Grant is now closed. We did manage to get in and were successful in getting £5k towards the cost of our ASHP under the Green Homes Grant scheme which was excellent. But the scheme was complicated for installers to participate in and hopefully it will be replaced with something somewhat less bureaucratic and generally better run.

Hi Ann,
I applied and got as far as looking for installers - in short there seemed to be hardly any in our area. One underfloor insulation specialist I spoke with said it was a complicated registration to become a pas2035 installer for the green grant scheme - that filling out the paperwork for their own payment was lengthy and almost required an additional admin person for that job alone.
I noticed the structure of this green grant scheme seemed to have an agency as a middle man allocating jobs to the few registered installers they had.
Overall, the feeling was that installers were dropping out, because it was so time consuming and they didn’t feel secure about payment from the scheme for their work , that the additional labour and agency involvement was pushing the price up for homeowners.
Similar problems happened with the last scheme too - where contractors signed up for work and the workload completely overshot what they’d been paid for, resulting in rushed jobs with fewer safety checks and a lot of failed work.
All of the above put us off , despite knowing we would have qualified for the grant.

This new scheme, which better recognized the importance of quality work and checks for suitability of retrofit fixes and initial surveys, didn’t hit the mark because it not only failed the homeowners with few installers, it failed the installers who had their own concerns.
I believe the green grant scheme has now been pulled - but I would love to know where the funding has gone ?

It’s been on my mind to raise this issue with government. I am thinking to go local and write to our re-elected Andy Burnham.
Knowing our countries commitments to targets - this is all very poor performance and failure.

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I agree @pottyone72 and @zapaman - lots of confusion for all involved. When it was first launched, I didnt think I was eligible, but then I saw a tweet from GMCA about it with the link (see above but here also - Green Homes Grant - Greater Manchester Combined Authority ) which seems different to the original scheme. I wonder whether BEIS have got GMCA (and EON) involved because the onus on householders to find installers was so hit and miss and maybe the assistance of go-betweens would help them to spend at least some of the budget earnmarked for this, even though that budget has been cut?

Maybe we should send a joint letter to query all this. What do you think Ann. Shall we run this by Carbon Coop - maybe other members would be interested.

UPDATE: Had an EPC done on my house because the previous one was over 10 years old. Okay, so my house had been rated at ‘F’ in 2009 and in 2021 after having floor, loft and cavity wall insulation, new doors and windows, airtightness work and MVHR unit installed, low energy appliances and lighting, my house is now rated at ‘F’!!! Yep, those measures that I have undertaken seem not to have made a jot of difference to the EPC rating.

WOW!! Ann that just doesn’t seem to add up. WHY??? Surely this is a mistake on the EPC part .
Unless they have changed the criteria :
:roll_eyes: This has a to be a case in point.
Except for generating your own electricity, you have done practically everything possible to improve your homes rating.

I am trying to apply through Eon for the Green Grant again. I’ll let you know how we get on!!

I think there has been lots of criticism about the shortcomings of the methodology used. My house is a detached bungalow so there is a large surface area to lose heat from, therefore the form of the building itself will make it hard to radically improve. From the energy assessment I had done, external wall insulation was deemed to be the measure that would save me the most heat loss but the Green Grant scheme only seem to be recommending EWI for solid walled buildings. It’s frustrating that this measure is not available to me when it is the measure that I really need.

I had cavity wall insulation soon after moving in but remember thinking at the time that the lad who came did the work very quickly. The assessment I had done a few years later showed that when looking down into the cavity, the material it should have been filled with couldn’t be seen. A poor quality job had been done that only partially filled the cavity. It’s hard for householders to see whether a good job has been done or not as it is hidden from view. I borrowed the thermal imaging camera a few years ago, which also showed heat loss from the walls. I mentioned this to the EPC assessor and he said that if drill holes could be seen on the walls, then they had to record that the cavity had been filled, even if there was evidence that it had not been done to a good standard.

As the Carbon Co-op are in dialogue with the government department responsible for these grant schemes, I wonder if BEIS would be interested in feedback from members about our experiences navigating the process? It seems that a few of us have struggled to make progress when engaging with these iniatives.

Fingers crossed that your application goes well.

Thankyou Ann. And the same wishes for you too…I hope your case is taken up by BEIS or whoever can look at this. It’s just not on really …the whole reason people are so wary of undertaking energy efficiency measures.
Navigating solar is very overwhelming … I looked at the ratings for Eon solar provision, they are very poor. I’m already on guard, feeling like I want to source an installer of my own choice.
I wonder if because it’s a grant, we will have to get what we’re given…beggars can’t be choosers type deal :roll_eyes:

Hi Ann,
after applying last week and initially looking at Solar we have changed our mind because of all the messing about with the roof. It steers us away from our fabric first approach. After consulting about our retrofit @Lewis_Sharman we’re now looking at a heat pump .
Our EPC rates our home at E . The only improvements we made so far have been to the loft - insulated.
We are pretty much at the start of our retrofit journey. Through Covid and redundancy we’d just started claiming universal credit - we feel hopeful that we might be eligible for this grant to get a heat pump.
The surveyor is coming out on Thursday (3rd June) - we’re in Northenden.
We had a look at some of the criteria for the RHI renewable heat incentive scheme - if we are to benefit from this we will have to have an air to water heat pump and the pump has to be on the MCS list.
Our home energy planner survey with PPR has come into it’s own here - showing a heat loss of 9kw , which will reduce after our fabric first fixes are completed to save us nearly 2kws of heat and means a pump of about 9kws is about the size we are looking at.
It’s good having some understanding of this - would have been clueless about it all, were it not for the educational opportunities Carbon Coop provides for us - @polly @andyham :smiley:
I’ll keep updating how we get on!!
Hope they get to you soon Ann x