Window sealing, insulating and airtightness products

We currently have some windows still with life in them, which will benefit from some draught proofing and sealing around the frames.
Speaking to Eurocell they recommended some products by Soudall.
This expanding foam is supposed to insulate and create airtightness.
Another product I have been looking at is the Compraband airtightness tapes - but I think these are more for fitting a window.
Are there any other products or options householders have used for draught proofing , insulation and sealing of windows?

This and similar products are for airtightning around the frame rather than between glass and frame or casement and frame.

I have tried a similar foam to Soudal, a closed cell polyurethane foam. I bought it from Travis Perkins but don’t remember the name. It doesn’t expand nearly as much as “normal” spray foam and is therefore laborious to install in wider gaps as several applications are required with setting/curing time in between. It is also expensive. I gave up using it in favour of cheap regular foam and a couple of coats of Blowerproof from frame to brick which bridged the foam.

Hi @pottyone72,

This case study:

has some interesting techniques, including using “backing rod” and airtightness tape

hope that helps

It was Paul Jennings of Aldas that did my “before” airtightness test and thermo graphic report. It was very enlightening.

Reading between the lines from the responses, I feel airtightness isn’t what I want to aim for with old windows that I will replace eventually.
I think a focus on draught proofing is the better aim and should be cheaper too.
I have some left over sheepwool insulation which I can stuff around the frames . The plastic beading I can take off , clean up and seal back on. Some pointing around the window needs redoing anyway so I can address that too.
I might invest in a new seal for the opener too. Hopefully, cement, exterior window sealant and a window seal will be less expense than buying the insulating foams.

Hi Carla,
Toolstation have a range of window replacement seals, one of them may sute.

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Hi carla,
How are you doing? Toolstation and screwfix have a range of window and door seals some for pvc and aluminium.
Some of the seals can be used on wood.
Made great involvement on some of the doors and windows at the club.
I will be replacing the seals in some of the doors and windows in my new property before i replace over time.