Window installers around Liverpool?

Hi folks. Following our Retrofit Assessment with People Powered Retrofit we are planning a full house upgrade to high performance triple glazing.

We’re aiming for maximum U value of 0.9 W/m²K.

I understand that installation of such windows requires knowledge and experience that exceeds ordinary double glazing.

Currently it’s looking like Ecospheric will supply the windows. But they don’t do installation. The only recommendation they could give for installers doesn’t cover Liverpool.

I separately emailed 7 local window companies about this and got absolutely nothing back.

Do we really have such a skills shortage over this way or am I just not connected?

Any pointers gratefully received… thank you!


You need a tradesman who is used to working with fine detail and care. A good carpenter/joiner could do the job. They have an advantage over window fitters too. Not being so familiar with windows they may actually read the installation instructions!

Ha, that’s cool, it hadn’t occurred to me they’d come with decent installation instructions :slight_smile: