Why do people retrofit?

I was passing time looking at green building initiatives, as I often do, when I found this slightly old but still pertinent report.

I’ve not read the report, but I can say my initial driver was to reduce carbon and waste in my home. Alongside that, has been my usual interest to know how and why as well as understanding the need to maintain structural integrity - the latter learned at a young age, when my father took out a chimney breast in our home and caused the collapse of the neighbours chimney next door ! :grimacing:


The article is more about how to motivate non-retrofitters. I realise that posting it on this forum was in part preaching to the converted but I’m sure we all know naysayers and doubters. They seem to be the majority of the population.

A timely publication of a report on the importance of retrofit and how to encourage it. Something else for the government to ignore.