Viessman Vitodens 100-W B1KC 30 kW (OpenTherm enabled) available

My heat pump is being installed today (hurray), and my gas boiler will soon be looking for a second lease of life. Preferably for distress purchase or parts?

  • Viessman Vitodens 100-W B1KC 30 kW (OpenTherm enabled)

  • Installed March 2018 with full service history

  • EPC CP4i controls

  • Been running on weather compensation for the last 18 months.

Collection from South Manchester in next week or so.

Happy to let someone who needs a new boiler to tide them over have it.

@sianrichards55, congratulations.

When my boiler was removed it was no longer in a usable state, having been perfectly good moments before. I commend you for thinking of others but you need to make sure the fitters know to treat it properly and not as a piece of scrap.

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It’s been removed carefully as I told the engineer I was going to try to re-home it.

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Excellent idea - you could try Freecycle as well.

Try facebook - thats where we sold our 7yr old boiler when the heat pump got installed.

Good to know James :+1: Was that on facebook marketplace? Do you mind me asking how much you asked for it and how long it took to sell? There’s been no real interest so far.

Yep, not much, £75 I think?

Thanks James. Will dip my toes into fb marketplace next!