Using The Teckin Smart plug with HEMS - Home Assistant

Continuing the discussion from Add Tasmota Device to HEMS Via MQTT:

I’ve created this new topic in order to try to document the process of using and controlling the Teckin Smart Plug within HEMS using Home Assistant. I will also use it to seek any assistance from the community.

Following @Oscar_Scott suggestion, I’ve bought a set of 4 Teckin Smart plugs.

I’m going to start with something simple (I hope!!) - switch on and off a light bulb at specified times.

Now the next stage is to add the

So in my own dashboard area that I created within Home Assistant I went to

Configurations > Integrations then selected “Add integration” (bottom right) and searched for Tuya and selected the Tuya option. This window then popped up

I now need to work out what to do next.

I went to the Tuya website Tuya claims to be the first all-in-one IoT platform designed to let any company easily make its products smart. (IoT = Internet of Things).

I registered with Tuya and completed the registration with a verification code.

Then I returned to Home Assistant and tried to complete my Tuya Credential using my Tuya login that I created on the Tuya website. But, it does not work so I will have to figure this out.

Hi Peter,
Sounds like you have not set up the plugs yet:

Step 1.
Go to the app store on your smart phone and search for ‘smart life’ app. This should be blue with a white house shape. Smart life is the same as tuya, just with a different colour scheme.

Step 2.
Open the app and create an account. The tuya account you created before may work, or that might be a developer account if you did it on the tuya website. Either way, do what you need to do to sign into the app.

Step 3.
Add the Teckin plugs to the app. Press the + in the top right corner, and add a WiFi socket.

Step 4.
Follow the on screen instructions, make sure your phone is on a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, not 5GHz. You may need to do some googling if you are unsure about how to set this for your router.

Step 5.
In home assistant at the tuya integration, but with the account details you used for the smart life app.

Step 6.
The plugs should now appear in the HEMS interface!

Hope this helps

Thanks @Oscar_Scott after 40 mins on the Tuya 24/7 chat to Technical Support. I got nowhere. So will try your steps tomorrow.