"Unlocking community-based flexibility to transform the energy system II"

Hi all,

In response to some PowerShaper participant requests I thought it might be good to share more technical webinars on the subject of domestic flexibility and the role of energy communities.

The below webinar is produced by REScoop.eu the European federation of citizen renewable energy co-operatives. More information can be found here: https://www.rescoop.eu/

Carbon Co-op is an active member.

I recommend skipping to 3:03 minutes in to the introduction:

Really encourage you to watch some of this and share thoughts, when you have the time.

Looking forward to hearing your reflections.



On a similar topic, the above linked report - “Flexibility Services for Energy Cooperatives”, explores the opportunities and challenges of flexibility services (akin to PowerShaper)

Hi all, same kind of topic, so keeping in this thread. An interesting article on the role of Smart Heating controls in the broader context of smart homes and fuel poverty solutions: Fuel poverty in a smart energy world - Energy Systems Catapult