Transitioning to an ecologically oriented cooperative world

Until we all get connected to cooperatively run heat networks

Ambient loop system: why it is a good option for the future

and have detailed audits and mapping of all energy, we need to start preparing the base camp and writing our future maps.

What are the first steps we should be taking, in what order?

I have friends in Swansea. The neighbourhood they are in has just had major works carried out, external insulation, new doors and windows, new condensing gas boilers … It is strangely incomplete.It should also have had district heating - is high density terraced housing, and major upgrade of streets to highest active travel standards.

I see loads of initiatives but have not yet seen carefully thought through whole system initiatives that acknowledge and plan for all the necessary steps

The grants and incentives given to individuals, councils and housing associations are normally targeted and disjointed. There is probably a lack of knowledge at both ends. The only scheme that seemed to have a holistic approach was the late, unlamented and extremely badly organised Green Homes Grant, and even that didn’t address or run in parallel with any infrastructure plans.

:slight_smile: surely this is recognised and acknowledged? It is project management 101. This is precisely what coops can achieve, ensuring the whole is looked at carefully and the required stages detailed and then implemented.