Timer for >17A draw of espresso machine?

I want to install a timer for our espresso machine, which has a maximum power draw of 16.52A.
I’ve been told a 15A rated plug wouldn’t be safe; I don’t want to risk any board failures due to lack of surge protection. Sadly I hardly understand even the basics of the matter. Our machine is currently plugged into a standard 13A fused socket.
Further, the timer needs to switch on and off the machine at different times at different days, not the same times every day.
Does anyone have any advice or can even recommend a timer product?
Grazie mille!

I suggest connecting the machine through a spur from your consumer unit with the appropriate rating. This is a job for an electrician. Then for the timer use a smart plug or regular timer attached to a contactor. Contactors can be rated at 20 or 40 Amps. Basically this is a relay, so the timer only needs to operate at about 1 amp but it switches a load that is much higher.

I used a British General 20A DP Contactor to control my immersion heaters before buying an Eddi.