Thermal imaging camera available to borrow (again!)

I wanted to provide a quick update about our thermal imaging camera, since I know a few of you have been in touch.

Unfortunately at the beginning of December it got lost in the post, so we had to suspend the borrowing. However we have now purchased a new camera and members are free to borrow it again!

To get the best results with the camera it is important to have a ±10ºC temperature difference between the inside and outside. So winter is the best time to borrow it. However we lend it year-round so that you can get used to its function.

How do I borrow the camera?

We currently lend the camera on a Friday - Thursday basis, with a calendar available for booking (send an email to for the link and more info).

We can post the camera out to you on Friday morning using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm® this provides us compensation of up to £500 in the case of loss. We ask that you use this service to return it as well so that we are able to claim the cost of the camera if something goes wrong.

You will also need to provide a deposit of roughly £300. For this we use a French service called Swikly, this allows us to hold a deposit without debiting your account. Since it is French it is only possible to take make requests in Euros, hence we ask for €350. If you would rather an alternative means to make a deposit just let us know!

Contact to borrow the camera

How to use the camera?

There are some great resources for using the camera here on the forum.

Let us know how you get on!

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