The holy triptych of sustainability inclusion and logistics

Hi! Just joined, and am very pleased I found you! I put my strange mutterings on my blog About Me | Clive Durdle's Blog.

A discussion about baths and energy efficiency has woken me from my slumbers!

I think there is a very similar issue to what happened in the early church about the Holy Trinity, is the son equal to the father?

I think whole system approaches must always ensure sustainability inclusion and logistics are always considered both generally anf in detail together. Our future maps and auditing processes are off if we don’t do that!

The core tool to do this is commoning and cooperation, continually looking for relationships and gestalt. Berlin in 1990 used the term ecological orientation. Ecology requires looking in detail at habitats and energy flows. The habitats of disabled people can easily be overlooked. The energy flows are also not looked at properly.