Smart meter visualiser service updates

Hi all - starting this thread as somewhere we can announce running updates to the smart meter visualiser service.

Today we’ve released a minor code update which has fixed a few niggles in the display to do with missing data.

Before, if you looked at a period with incomplete data, you only saw the periods which have data - for example, only four days of a 7 day period:

We’ve altered this so that if you select 7 days, you will always see 7 days, and likewise for 30 or a year:

And if there’s no data at all, you’ll see a clear message that this is the case:


I love the improvements on this service! Thanks.

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@richard Is it going to be possible to to set up the graphs so that they scroll left -right-left when selecting different dates. This will be much easier to do than having to put in the date every time you want to move through a day or a few days to view the graphs. This would be in addition to filling in a date.

I did discuss this with @ben at a Power Shaper Forum a few weeks ago.

Hi Peter! Thanks for raising, indeed Ben did pass this feedback along and we thought it was really great idea.

Our current development is focussed quite a lot on creating a service which is open to more people (i.e. you don’t need to be a Carbon Co-op member to sign up), but we have identified that an overall improvement of the user-interface including incorporating your suggestion is a priority once we complete this current work.

I can’t speak specifically about when this might happen, as it is dependent on the time of the developers and any challenges that might come up but we have definitely discussed your suggestion and added it to our list of features we would like to include.

Is it possible for have graphs for Octopus Outgoing under the Smart Meter Visualiser service - so it will show how much electricity I’m sending back to the Grid?

Hi Peter! This is definitely something we want to integrate.

We would aim to get this directly from the smart meters rather than through the Octopus Outgoing information so that it remains supplier agnostic.

So just to explain a little bit, the smart meter system does record export (termed production) which is the generation minus the consumption. Until recently we haven’t been able to access this data, and it seems for most people (even with PV we are still unable to). This may have something to do with the fact that most people have been on feed-in-tariffs rather than an export tariffs. I am sure someone knows more and might be able to provide a better explanation.

The good news is that with export tariffs such as Octopus Outgoing we expect that situation to change and I think it is likely we will be able access production data for most people in the near future. In you case being on Octopus Outgoing you are ahead of the curve and we are able to already see your production data. With that in mind, we have definitely added exposing this data to users as something which we would like to do. I will make sure to keep you up-to-date about any developments on this!