Smart Meter data not updating

The data feed to my “your smart meter data” page has stopped updating.
The last data received was at 3am on 7th Nov.

Does anyone know how to get this going again please.


Have you lost electricity and gas or just one of them? This assumes that you have both.

Do you have SMETS1 or SMETS2 smart meters?

If you have SMETS2 please send a photo of your comma hub (on top of the electricity meter).

Its a SMETS2 and both elec and gas have stopped updating on the site.
This is the settings in the app we use

Supply number 1610020341512

Added 23 July 2021 (see terms & conditions).
Meter accessed thanks to your Carbon Co-op membership
Latest data came in on 7 Nov 2022, 3:46 a.m.


Both WAN and HAN lights are out on the communications hub (CH). Your electricity company cannot send commands to the hub or read your meter without WAN and you can’t read your IHD without the HAN.

You might be able to reboot the CH it you have an isolation switch between the main fuse and the meter. Alternately you could remove the main fuse. In both cases the power needs to be off to the meter for about 10 minutes.

Edit: alternatively wait for a long enough power cut.

I don’t think that’s the problem both the Han and Wan lights are flashing green and the Han is working for Elec, its never worked for gas.
Also Octopus seem quite happy when I opt in to their saving sessions so they must be picking up the readings.

Ok. So that’s a dead end. I’m glad you are being billed ok.

It looks at though you need to raise the issue with @mattfranklin