Skirting Board Radiators

Anyone have experience installing/using skirting board radiators?
Such as: ThermaSkirt – The Worlds’ Smartest Heating System - DiscreteHeat Co. Ltd.

and particularly this dual fuel option: Dual Fuel Skirting Heating – Thermodul Skirting Board Heating

We want to remove the radiators in our living room, but underfloor heating isn’t an option.

Any insights or alternatives to radiators?

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I would also be interested to find out how they are. In my case I am thinking of adding them to an existing system to increase heating surface and reduce Δt in my heating system.

I installed Thermaskirt in an extension that was added to my property in 2014. The extension created an open plan, triple aspect, lounge/dining/kitchen of ~41 sq.m. I wanted to minimise radiators so that wall space was available for furniture. I ended up with 16.4m of Thermaskirt and two radiators to get the heat output I calculated was needed for the room. It’s worked well with no problems.