Room in Roof Insulation without Grant

Hi Everyone - Im a Newbie here so hopefully i wont make a terrible faux-pas and if I do please be kind
I own a house in South Manchester that i have rented to a single mum on Benefits for many years (basically unt]il her child finished school) and we always agreed I would sell this year
I never had an EPC as I bought it in 2004

I had the loft converted (not to building regs it was just to gain space for storage etc) and assumed the Builder had installed insulation between the rafters
I’ve now had an EPC to sell the house and he hadn’t installed the insulation so EPC is an E (Lights are all LED’s, solid walls, am having thermostatic rad valves fitted)

The tenant is very helpful (she is a friend as well) and so we have done the Forms for a Govt Grant to have room in roof insulations installed but the Company i have gone with - UK Energy Management keeps stalling me
Ive called other Companys to do it with a grant and some say 12 months wait
I only have about 8 weeks to get this done
I absolutely wont have spray insulation by the way

So im thinking of paying to have it done - its an end of terrace three bedroom house and Im hoping i can get it done for £2000 or even £3000 at a push

Can anyone recommend anyone local who could do this work for me
Ive tried a few companies and everyone seems really busy
This is a bit of a last shot at getting this problem fixed before me and my mate attempt it (very much the least favourable option)

Thanks in advance

Hello @matthew.ruth,

What a shame you didn’t find out earlier. Your friend/tenant has been paying over the odds for heating (or you have, if it was inclusive).

I am not local but doubt that you will find a local installer at short notice without offering a huge incentive. Keep clear of any cheapskates. Anyone can claim to be experienced without ever having seen any insulation before.

Fitting insulation really isn’t that difficult but needs to be done by someone committed to doing it properly. I know you are selling but generally the most committed person you will find is yourself.

Have you read the posts on loft insulation?

You need to prevent humidity from the habitable area from entering the loft after insulation is fitted. @pottyone72 has some excellent posts on the subject.

If you need step by step advice in a hurry I’m happy to step in, as I’m sure are other forum members with experience.

I did one last year self-managing the project and hiring individual trades (and being the QA - one of the tradies had a ‘baptism of fire’ learning about airtightness taping :stuck_out_tongue: ). Cost about £12k all in.

Can recommend the people I used if you have realistic time and budget. Plus they know how to do it now, thanks to me giving them a chance to learn on the job.

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Thanks, Robert - Fingers crossed Ive got someone coming tomorrow - They specialise and seem to know what they are talking about so im hoping im sorted

I will say with these Govt Grants huge numbers of companies were telling me 12 mth wait as they are so busy - seems like a gap in the market

Everything to do with properly conducted energy saving has a huge shortfall in skilled tradesmen. Try finding someone who knows how to construct insulated foundations!

LOL Oh dear - it seems Tradesmen are ok for anything bog standard and that’s it
I had Lime Mortar done and i literally had to stand over them and say “No - that’s not Lime Mortar” - took until the 3rd guy to get someone who knew how to do it