Questions about windows and retrofit?


Do you have any burning questions to ask about windows and retrofit? If so, we have Bill Butcher from Green Building Store along to a webinar on Tuesday 26th January 2021.

Do you have any questions for them? It could be around cost, u values, triple glazed versus double glazed, wood versus PVC, turnaround times and the impact of Brexit.

Whatever you question, drop it in here and we’ll pose it on the day and answer it post the answers on the forum.

The session is ‘pay what you want’ and tickets can be booked here:

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Hi @jonathan - I missed this session. Was there any information on renovating existing wooden windows? Thanks.

Do you mean on adding secondary glazing to existing single glazed windows or renovating them? There was a little but might be the subject of a new session: Carbon Co-op webinar programme | Carbon Co-op

I am looking to renovate my existing wooden double glazed windows. They are a bit leaky in places but in good condition, I’m loathed to replace them if they can be improved. Thanks for the link I’ll take a look.

Great. Maybe get a good quality joiner out to take a look and offer an opinion?


Hi There , jut wondered if any of our community have any experience to share about the market providers of timber windows.
We have initially looked at Green building store windows and found them to be of fantastic quality, but are now wondering about the wait time and any impacts from Brexit and shortage of haulage drivers.

Additionally Ecospheric windows have been mentioned as an alternative - does anyone have any experience of either window company or installation.

Thankyou in advance.