Power Shaper for Water Usage?

I have a Thames Water smart meter in the pavement outside my house.

I’d like to review my daily water usage. And compare it to relevant targets, like those in the RIBA Climate Challenge.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to extract the smart water meter data in a similar fashion to that done for electricity and gas by the powershaper app?

My Thames Water account only shows me readings at 6 monthly intervals.

Many thanks!

I’ve answered my own question…I can actually see the data from the smart meter in my Thames Water account - under ‘My Water Use’. Excellent news!

Hi Tom! This is interesting, I actually hadn’t come across a domestic property with a smart water meter before. I wonder if this is more common in the South East compared to the wet North West?

I am glad that you were able to figure it out and extract the data from the system.

We wouldn’t expect to be able to integrate smart water meters directly into PowerShaper Monitor anytime soon, since as I understand it it is a completely different system, but we will keep an eye on this!

I use Thames Water and also have a smart meter.
After it was fitted I got an email from them saying that they could see from my pattern of water usage that I had a leak. I had noticed reduced pressure.
Months of investigations later the leak was found at the point where the new water meter was (not) attached to my mains pipe. Thames refunded me for my “increased usage”!

Also had one fitted at ours, with Anglian Water in East Anglia.

Data is available through the Anglian water website on hourly basis. Someone has also written a script to scrape the data and pulling into home assistant.