Paying a premium for local, renewable energy...what are your thoughts?


Some of you may already be well aware of the Greater Manchester Local Energy Market project we are currently working on at Carbon Co-op. In fact, you may have already been interviewed or on our citizen jury!

It’s the final months of the project now and we have a question we’d like to ask our members…would you pay a premium for local, renewable energy? To collect your answers and help us to understand your views, we have a survey that we would love for you to fill in. We also have three £100 prize draws that we will enter your email into for taking part in the survey.

Unsure how you feel? We just posted a blog on the topic of incentivising renewable, local energy which highlights some of the benefits and challenges to consider. Incentivising renewable, local energy | Carbon Co-op

Please do feel free to share the survey with others. The survey will close at midnight on Monday 30th May. Looking forward to receiving your entries!

Thanks everyone,


Morning everyone. :wave: Just a reminder that our survey on paying for renewable, local energy closes tomorrow at midnight! :clock12:


Thanks to everyone who has filled it in so far - we’ve got lots of really helpful information and view points. We will let you know by email if you win one of the three £100 prize draws!

Have a lovely Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Did you say “Premium” or “Discount”?


Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

@Rachel_Lewis, Are there any results from the survey that you can share with us, or am I the only person that participated?

Hello @Tim_Gilbert , haha! we did have a few others participating…40 altogether in fact! Thanks for asking about the results - and thanks for taking part. I’ve uploaded the report on the survey to this comment. You can also read the report on the whole of our Greater Manchester Local Energy Market research and engagement here: We spoke to well over 200 people altogether.
CCoop_PayingForLocalRenewableEnergySurvey_Report_V1.docx.pdf (684.0 KB)