Our Green Grant Application Progress- Local authority part 1b

Recently we found out that the green grant is rolling out again - through the local authority and Eon. We’re in Northenden Manchester.
We applied by telephone at the end of May and quickly got an appointment for a home energy survey, which happened yesterday.
As well as our eligibility for funding and changes in our favor of the grant, this application has proved so much more efficient than last March. Having earnings under £30,000 and now being on Universal Credit seems to have made us eligible for up to £10,000 of measures.

The surveyor came from’ Love To Save Energy’ - a company in Birmingham.
Having to provide proof of earnings and Universal Credit, we filled out a form together about the fabric of the house and the measures of interest to us - a heat pump, under floor insulation and heating controls.
Other measures available are interior and exterior solid wall insulation, solar, replacement doors and double glazing to replace single glazed units.
Using the Pas 2030-2019 installation standard and the Pas 2035 -2019 Main Framework the surveyor went through the risk grades for our property and the interactions of the chosen measures (heat pump, under floor insulation) . The risk factor for our property is B - if C we wouldn’t have qualified for the work. Our risk factor for the interaction of measures - heat pump and underfloor insulation - is orange - out of grades green, yellow, amber and red. Both measures singularly or together were orange.
These risks, as many of you may know are about ensuring adequate precautions are taken at survey and installation.
eg - you wouldn’t install underfloor insulation if your joists were damp and you wouldn’t oversize a heat pump or fit it in a draughty uninsulated property.
After taking all the measurements, photos and observations, the surveyor did us a new EPC. Our original done in 2015 before we lived here was E - our new EPC came out as an improved D.
( @Ann_Kolodziejski )
The only thing we have done in our two years here is strip out the loft to reinsulate and ventilate.
Not sure exactly what was measured on the EPC back then - it would be interesting to know the criteria!!
So all these things considered, after 3 hours we were pleased to learn we are eligible for the grant. We now have to wait for an installer (we don’t know who this is yet) to contact us to do a design survey for the heat pump.

Overall, with the support and insights provided through our retrofit survey with PPR here at Carbon Coop, we feel confident and ready for this next design phase which will hopefully procure us an appropriately sized and efficient heat pump .

We’ll keep you posted!!