OpenTherm and Smart Heating

Inspired by the latest EcoHomeLab, I have been trying to figure out if my boiler is OpenTherm compatible. I would love to get it integrated into my Home Assistant setup.

It is a Volkera Compact 28SE - I found the installation manual here - and there is no mention of OpenTherm.

Am I out of luck, and if so are there any other smart controllers or systems that I should look into?

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Hey Peter,
Looks like that model is not support, which is a shame as Volkera do utilise OpenTherm in many of their boilers and controls.
The main benefits of OpenTherm are interoperability and better modulation (reducing the temperature of flow in the boiler to reduce the number of stop/start cycles) but there are many other benefits of ‘smart’ heating controls, from better scheduling, to remote control and zoning. The best system for you will depend on what you’re trying to achieve, but their are many folk at the Ecohome Lab keen to share their experience with different systems. In the next session we’ll be looking at TRVs to control individual radiators, with a presentation from Damon from OpenTRV/Radbot, maybe see you there?

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Radbot sounds interesting, will try to make it.
The flat is so small it’s mostly a case of on/off integrated with Home Assistant rather than individual control that I’m interested in

Does anyone have any experience of how to set up a Raspberry PI to pick up opentherm communications.
I’ve been looking on the internet to see if there are any hats or plug-ins that will enable this without success.