Open Eco Homes - Towards decarbonisation a home living lab

Cambridge Carbon Footprint are now running their “Open Eco Homes” events until 18 October 2022. The events are aimed at home owners - new-build, self build and eco renovation. Many events include online tours so you don’t need to live near Cambridge. On the Wednesday 5 October 2022 I’m giving an an online tour of my Ely, Cambridgeshire 1970’s 3 bed semi-detached property. More details can be found here : Towards Decarbonisation: A Home Living Lab - Ely - Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Key Features of the home

  • Solar thermal and three solar PV arrays (5.8kW/p) connected to a large 15kW battery storage system
  • Tepeo Zero Emissions electric Boiler (ZEB) connected to wet radiator system
  • Two EV charging units, one with vehicle to home and vehicle to grid capability
  • Replaced 30 year old double glazing windows with new ones in 2022
  • Low energy lighting
  • Tado smart thermostat valves for radiators

I will also mention the Carbon Co-op Powershaper Project and my involvement in this project.

Feel free to use this Forum to ask questions after you have watched the online event and if you are in the Ely area you could even may a face-to-face visit. Details on the Open Eco Homes website