Octopus Outgoing HEMS Integration

I am looking at the possibility of adding an Octopus Outgoing integration to the HEMS in a similar way to the Agile integration.
I know @Peter_Bates is on Outgoing - are any of our other PowerShapers using it?

I intend to expose the same sensors as the agile integration - current rate, previous rate and next rate. It will also work with the agile rate card.

Does this view make sense? Or should the green ones be high and red low for export?

Thanks @peter The high rates for exporting should be green and the low rates should be red. Or a range of shaping from green to red. So far the highest export price was just under 152p . The lowest 0p I don’t think the Outgoing rate goes below 0p.

However, the incoming rate has been below -10p (minus 10). As I said before the gauge, I created for the current incoming rate goes from -15p (minus 15) to 35p. Current Octopus have a cap at 35p for incoming.

Do you take into account the different regional prices for both Octopus Agile and outgoing.

On Outgoing as of tomorrow, it would be useful to display the predicted carbon intensity data alongside the pricing.

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Thanks Peter.
The regional prices are accounted for - the integration automatically selects your region based on location.
We will look at updating the card to make it suitable for outgoing

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Does it use the HA location (to work out region code)?

yes. If it can’t find the region for some reason (like HA was setup incorrectly with default location set to somewhere in Amsterdam), it will ask the user for the region during setup.