Manchester EV charger installers

Hi all

I need to get a 7kW home EV charger installed.
Thinking of the zappi.

Anyone have experience of a good installer they can recommend?
I’d like to take advantage of the £350 discount, but my nearest installer said he’s not offering that service after getting burned by a customer not submitting the right docs to DVLA meaning he didn’t get his £350 refunded from the government.

Hi Peter,

That’s an interesting comment about the DVLA. I do not remember having to submit anything to anybody. The Solar installer who installed my Zappi did everything. I did have to fill in some details on a form for them. I’ve spoken to them since then and they never raised any issue with me.

I used a national installer (Joju Solar) so not local. But thought I’d comment on the form filling.


Odd, I agree with @rdedw - its up to the installer to claim the subsudy from the Goverment. I too filled some forms in for mine, so I suspect what your local installer is saying is “I messed the paperwork up and burned myself!” - anyway Zappi is excellent choice and you are probably best to get a national company to do it as they have dedicated people doing the paperwork… There seem to be a few here in the Manchester area?
Whoever you go with make sure they know the MyEnergi / Zappi infrasture inside out - so you need a Hub and maybe an Harvi as well. Happy to have a chat about how mine works if that helps…

Our local electrician told me he’d been on a course to install home chargers but hasn’t got much work out of it yet. We’re in the Rochdale area and you may want someone closer. However, if you do want to give our guy a go, he’s Mick Clegg and on 07970 064880.