Mad idea 8349 going medieval

What difference to heat loss would heavy duty thermal linings and curtains make to external solid walls, wool? John Lewis curtain section also doing tapestries instead of wall paper?

When the crusaders first brought carpets and rugs back from the Middle East they hung them on their walls to give warmer rooms.

:slight_smile: precisely, how useful an idea is it using soft furnishings probably layered with air gaps?

Home clothing? Like dressing up to go to the South Pole.

A key usp of mammals is hair. Why not layer the prostheses we create out of hard stuff?

To be fair, going medieval isn’t such a bad idea. The carbon generated per person was much lower than now.

What would you do, use? Thermal linings, heavy curtains? Are there tricks mountaineers use that can be used on homes?

Retrofitting will have to be done in stages, maybe a first step is improving comfort looks and feel?

Which nicely ties in with my recent post:

We have a draughty, failing window in our living room which we’re not able to change yet. Instead, we changed the curtain pole to a track to close the gap at the top to prevent heat loss, then we hung fully lined floor to ceiling curtains. The difference this winter has been tremendous.

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Ceiling to floor heavy curtains are great, so long as they don’t cover the radiator.

Made bed earlier and realised high tog duvets might make excellent insulation if hung properly behind curtains

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About 25 years ago I had the idea of a modern night time window shutter made of a frame that contains insulation and fits tightly into the window reveal. I even thought of having artwork on it so that during the day it could hang anonymously on the wall.

Shutters are now a popular addition. There is no reason why internal insulation should also not be decorative

Internal decoration experts actually becoming critical insulation experts

And vice versa of course.

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Will post more links as I find them, this definitely needs more research! Insulating effect of curtains | Gentle Descent

The 9 Best Thermal Curtains of 2023. These look interesting backings to the tapestries I acquired on the crusades, but my steward commented I must watch out for mould draughts insects and fire before putting them up on my castle walls

This is a fascinating article about survival blankets. It feels easily adaptable for home retrofit The 10 Best Survival Blankets In 2022 For Harsh Weather

The second principle of survival blankets is to be water proof. The way this is achieved makes a huge impact on their suitability as house blankets, by which I mean a blanket for the house, not a blanket in the house. Your guide covers this if you know what you are looking for.