Low Carbon Community Groups in the UK

Hi I joined Carbon Co-op, thinking about helping to reduce CO2 emissions. I would like to ask is anyone aware of similar communities/groups in other parts of the UK?
I live in Derbyshire, so I am not far away from Manchester, but I think it would be good to engage with like minded people locally as well.
For example I am keen to use active travel but my town has zero cycling infrastructure and is very congested.

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You could look at the Transition Network(https://transitionnetwork.org/). There are Transition organisations in many towns, largely focused on building cyclic economies etc. There are a number in Derbyshire including Transition Buxton, Acclimatise Whaley, Transition Belper, Transition New Mills. They may not be exactly what you are looking for but would be a good start. I’m in Transition Buxton, for an obvious reason of living in Buxton but do have contact with others. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the link - used it to find “Green Durham” which is near me and I had never heard of!

You’re welcome. I’ve found many of the Transition Town groups are not too visible.

Anyone know why Carbon Coop isn’t listed?

Thanks for the link, I found a group in a nearby village.