Local Energy Solutions- CAT & Zero Carbon Britain

@andyham and myself attended this fantastic full day of workshops and trainings in local energy solutions, featuring lots of resources and presentations from a range of grassroots energy organisations and professionals.

When @mattfranklin gives me permissions I’ll upload the files-(as a new user I don’t yet have permissions- fair enough!)


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I’ve sent the files to Jonathan, so maybe he can post them- or @andyham can!


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Sounds really interesting! I have upgraded your ‘trust level’ which should allow you to share the files (although if you are still having trouble send me a message with what format they are i.e. .pdf, .doc etc., and I can look into it).

Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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Thanks Matt, have sent through the docs to you as they weren’t uploading. :slight_smile:

Cheers Polly, a couple of the documents are quite large so I have added them to a filehosting site. Anyone who would like to take a look should be able to access them here:

Thanks Matt, they are big docs!


@Polly_Anna_Steiner Yes I was in that as well. Some interesting stuff.!

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Hi Ian, I didn’t ‘see’ you, but it was a fantastic workshop.