Interesting reference documents

Rather than mix up with free courses I thought I’d start a thread for reference documents.

If I knew how I would set it up as a Wiki, so that posts could be updated in some sort of order but we will have to make do with normal posts on a first come first served basis.

I’m starting off with Passipedia which I originally posted under

followed by some other guidance.

This looks interesting for those with properties that overheat or are at risk of overheating in a warmer climate.

On the subject of shading I discovered, after posting the above, that the Passivhaus Component database has a category for “Sun protection systems”.

Having checked out the options I see that none are suitable for my house.
All makes and models appear to be for inward opening windows and are fitted between window head and lintel. In other words, you need to replace your windows at the same time as fitting the shutters.
My own take is that they would be fine for sash windows too, just not outward opening.

LETI have a number of publications of general interest. Have a look, something might be what you want.

Trustmark have stuck their oar in. It might be useful to show others but I expect that there is little new for forum members.

The Passivhaus Trust has updated their guide to building a Passivhaus (and EnerPHit). The guide was officially published in June last year but has now been made public.

For those of you pondering about what stage in your retrofit projects the heat pump goes in:

It looks as though I hit the sweet point. More luck than planning, plus some intuition.