Insulation for gaps in kitchen

Hi - our kitchen is pretty draughty with gaps behind the insides of the cupboards where you can feel the cold air.

I imagine we need some ventilation but I’d like to block up the majority to prevent cold spots.

The gaps tend to be about 5-10cm deep and I also have a few cut outs in the back of cupboards for various pipes.

I was thinking about getting some wool loft insulation and filling the gaps with that.

Does that sound reasonable or are there better ways of doing this please?


That depends on your circumstances and what constitutes “better” for you.

Ideally you should remove the units, make the wall and floor where they go airtight and insulate there, then put the units back.

In reality you probably won’t be doing that.

Thanks and agreed that the better solution would be to fix the issues at source - when they moved the water supply they cut into the concrete floor and didn’t do a great job of closing it back up - I can take off the kicker board and close it in properly which would be better.


Oh yes, if there is a known flaw then start there. I suggest using Blowerproof* or similar over the joins and along the wall/floor join. If you can get the paint brush up any wall/wall joint then treat as much as you can reach.
My sink unit has a removable back for access to plumbing. If you are in a similar position then you can also treat any penetrations of wall or floor. And while you are at it insulate any pipes you can reach.

PS. There shouldn’t be a pipe/concrete interface. You need to leave room for movement of one relative to the other. I suggest putting pipe insulation around the pipe and concreting to that. Then when cured use Blowerproof from pipe to concrete, both inclusive.

Thanks Tim - appreciate the advice and never knew about that type of paint so glad to have learnt something new today.

Glad to help.

I recommend Blowerproof so much I should be asking for commission!