Insulating plug sockets

We have a condensation/ black spot build up issue around a plug socket in one of our bedrooms. It’s in an external, plaster board wall at the side of a wardrobe - not much ventilation and black spot has built up quite badly here - we’ve treated this and know we need to look at ventilation and insulation of the wall too.
We have been looking at insulating around the socket and came across Instaabox, as well as various tapes and advice about using building foam and caulk.
Being electrics, we know certain fixes to insulate will need an electrician - We’d like to keep it simple and safe within the limits of what a sensible non electrician can do - (we do know how to wire a plug and turn off the mains electricity to isolate lights from sockets etc).

Does anyone have any experience to share about safely insulating plug sockets, best materials ??

Could the Coop create a DIYERS workshop on how to use insulation tapes etc

hello, Have you an RCD on the circuit, and have you had any nuisance tripping. If you open the fused connection, (power off and have some spare screws) how corroded is the backbox and rear of connection. If badely corroded it may be difficult to remove screws, so leave it.
You could fit a 25mm surface mount box on top of the backbox, using screw holes of backbox to fix it. This needs the electric cables to have some slack.
If damp is bad then white accessories would be safer than metal.
looking at the insuaabox they don’t have screw nuts for sockets etc, just boxes.
I’m new to carbon coop, and I worked as a domestic electrician but now retired. Phil Dustin

Thankyou so much for your advice Philip😃

We had a closer look and it turns out the isolator switch next to the double plug is a switch for a wall mounted outside light.

The light doesn’t work and holes for the wiring aren’t sealed. I think perhaps water is tracking in down the wiring.

We’re going to remove the light.

And check the in direction of the wiring for the socket.

Replacing the metal boxes for plastic sounds a good plan .

The Instaabox seems to be designed to be used as part of internal wall insulation.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

PS. We do have RCD - probably the reason we’ve been saved from a shock !! :exploding_head::joy:

Hello, The light may not be working if there is a blown fuse . If you do remove the light then disconnect the cable at the FCU, which will let you see the state of the back boxes.
If the RCD is not tripping then the wiring inside the sockets is OK and not too wet.
The surface mount boxes do not replace the metal back boxes, but sit in front.
On the light I would be surprised if water is tracking down a cable and into the wall, unless it is a very long vertical without a loop at the bottom.