Insulating existing external doors

Anyone tried insulating existing hardwood doors? Well insulated Green Building Store doors would require a wider doorway to get the same opening width. So quite a bit of building work required.
Thanks, Phoebe

I’m about to do this one. The inside has 25mm recesses between cross planks that I intend to fill with 25mm PIR board which I’ll top off with some foil and then thin ply to gloss piant over.

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Thanks for sharing this. Please would you kindly share a photo of the work in progress (inside) so we can see how it works out. Looks interesting.

@pwshk , Getting shaped insulated doors is virtually impossible so insulating the one shown is a good idea. If it isn’t too late I suggest finishing off not just with thin ply but a layer of all covering insulation, otherwise you will end up with a very cold door along the structural timber (thermal bridging). You could put PIR then board or buy pre-insulated flat roof board. The frame can then be finished off the same way to maintain the same levels inside and reduce thermal bridging at the frame.