Hrvs and airtightness

Hi, I am going down the road of heat recovery first and then increase my insulation and airtightness. At the moment i am only partially insulated

Hi John and welcome to the forum.

According to AECB research any constant airflow ventilation is beneficial to health and humidity, however leaky your house is to air, but the benefits rise dramatically as the home becomes more airtight. Having said that your initial expense would probably best be spent on improving airtightness and then putting savings on your heating bill(s) towards paying for the MVHR.

That’s assuming that no one in your household has a medical need for additional ventilation

Thanks Tim, i may end up selling soon and i did not want to get too tight to soon ihave fans in kitchen and bathroom but not in the loft.

The volatile nature of home ownership is a major factor in people not doing necessary retrofits. Most people expect to move in the next 5-10 years, if not less, and won’t see a return on investment in that time. House prices do not reflect enhanced energy efficiency.

A way needs to be found to replace the system if we are going to adequately retrofit the 55 million or so homes in the country and cut our energy dependency.