How to half your gas and electric bills

My figures are only estimates, this will not work for everone and may not work when the new higher charges come in. Its more a lifestyle change.
At my partners house some vandals set fire to the (BT) box and the Internet went out, I did have some data but not unlimited. It was out for a month so i changed my sim only contact to unlimited. The speed most of the time was fast enough (I only have a 4 g phone if i updated my phone the 5g would be faster)

Gas and electric bill a proximity £200/month.
1, change your phone contract to a sim unlimited only £15/m on 3, there may be 2-3 phones in the house (we all cant have I phone 17, its a phone get over it.)
Saving £40 to £100
2, drop your internet package saving £40 to £50/m
All this is just cutting you outgoings without looking at your gas and electric bill.

Another way will cost money, buy an electric car with VTG.
Half you petrol/diesel when your car comes home and plugs in the lights come on in the house.
A Tesla power wall can cost £7000 for one or £14000 for 2. Your car battery is bigger and can be charged up at night at 7-10p/kilowatt.
I do expect some comments,
Yours, John

Talking to a friend yesterday who has replaced internet contract with a 4G Vodafone contract with a cube(?) router. This was after suffering poor broadband connectivity for years, which BT never managed to fix, rather than cost savings. Presumably you need a strong mobile signal for this to be a suitable alternative though. I don’t think it would work for me as the mobile signal here still isn’t great, although much better than a few years ago.