Homely and the Homely app

I am still searching for a heat pump installer and have recently read about Homely. Do any members of the forum have experience of a Homely installed on/with their heat pump? Any views, hints and tips?


I would like to at least try homely but they only have integrations with 2 HP makers so far. Debatable whether to choose an installer based on compatibility as there are other criteria such as whether you trust them to get it right and will be able to expect good service over the life of the installation. Anyway, I have an LG so cannot try it yet. I wrote to homely to ask if I can be a trialist when they get around to LG integration.

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As I don’t have a heat pump yet I have flexibility to buy a compatible system but I would only do that if I knew of people that had demonstrated the value of doing so.

I’m going through the same process at the moment, just had homely’s parent company out to quote so waiting on their numbers!

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