Home batteries 0% VAT

Since 1st Feb, home batteries are 0% VAT rated, however suppliers cannot sell batteries retail at 0% VAT…!? Only installers can obtain the products zero rated.

I’m looking to add a 4.8kWh Pylontech battery to my system, it’s plug and play so doesn’t need any professional install.

I’m getting quotes which are £200 more than I could buy the battery for zero rated, for a job that will take less than 5 mins and I could easily do myself.

Do we have any non profit, community owned installation companies in Manchester?

It’s the same with zero rated insulation and zero rated solar panels. The cost of installation vastly exceeds the VAT saved.

When buying, the installer has to pay the VAT and then claim it back afterwards. It also costs money to train and then register (annually) for the certification scheme. It is reasonable to expect the installer to add something to their previous charges to cover their costs and trouble. What actually happens is that their charges rocket as they take advantage of their “rarity value”.

There is a logic to insisting on qualified installation. It should stop electrocutions, fires and, in the case of insulation, humidity issues and/or thermal bridging or bypass. The possibility of competent DIYers doing the job is not considered as it isn’t possible to verify their competence.

Totally makes sense where an installation is required, but in terms of adding to a battery stack, I’m getting quoted £200 to plug something in… It’s plug and play

I agree. I was just explaining the current situation.

Ask the retailer if they have associated / recommended fitters - this is usually cheaper as it is a short chain between client- supply & fit.