Home automation article

There is an interesting article in this months PC Pro by one of their regular columnists Paul Ockenden in which he describes the set up he has in his house. Its not technical, in the computing sense, although he often does include code in his column. If you live in Stockport the library keeps and electronic copy so it might be worth checking your local library.


Thanks Ian! I will make sure to check that out. It is also worth mentioning a lot of libraries (including Manchester and Stockport) have an electronic subscription to PressReader which only requires you to enter your library card number to be able to read the latest version of a lot of magazines and newspapers (including PC Pro).

I haven’t had the chance to check out the article, but will make sure to have a look soon. For people who have their library card handy here is the direct link to the article:


Ooh, I hadn’t got to that in this month’s issue; I’ll have a look. Especially as I am an occassional contributor to PC Pro :slight_smile: