Help accessing HEMS

My Hems is in my separate garage and somehow the Powerline adapter has connected to my house router, even though the garage is on its own separate fuse box.
My issue is I can not pick up the hems wireless signal from my house, I have to be in the garage and it’s. A bit cold !
I have tried to access the hems using the ip address it’s allocated by the sky Q router but it will not connect. I just get a spinner. I am on an iPad using safari and also tried chrome.
This also means I can not connect to the EV charger (also in garage) to try things out with that.
I have tried the home assistant app while stood next to the hems but it does not find it And I don’t get past the first screen.

Any suggestions from the group would be appreciated.
David S

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Hi David - I feel your pain, same kind of problems here…
I’ve used a Wifi extender in my garage - like this:

It does drop every now and again (atmospherics mainly) but its OK for getting half hourly data off my SMA inverter, but I too have decided to not have a Wifi connected EV charger, am trying to get a Zappi (which uses its own system that has better range than Wifi) installed - I say trying as 4 local installers have never got back to me!