Heat Pump to Air Conditioner Query

Simon Hudson, PowerShaper project member- raised the query. Andy Hamilton has given an initial (informed) opinion that:

  • Converting a Mitsubishi ASHP for cooling could be difficult.

  • It may be useful to make contact with: John Cantor (https://heatpumps.co.uk/) or Trystan Lea (https://trystanlea.org.uk/)

  • It is possible to install a small, reversible, air to air system as an extra - or use super-white paint on the outside of the house. (to support cooling)

I hope this helps as a starter for ten.
If people have ideas for Simon, please do add to this thread.

real shame that not all air con/heat pump units are reverse cycle. The difference is only a tiny bit of plumbing, but with so much benefit

If a unit can be reversed it is automatically disallowed for RHI. That results in mainstream suppliers not supplying them. For those able to do so, the solution might be to source their unit from a country where they do not have similar market deforming incentives.
When choosing a country/location aim for one with a similar climate to ours and preferably for which you speak the language.

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Any suggestions as to which countries? currently looking to install one myself…

If you only speak English then you are limited to Ireland or dealing with someone who has English as a second (or third) language in The Netherlands or Denmark. Germany doesn’t have sufficient maritime climate zone and most of France is too temperate.

I haven’t looked into those options as I am fluent in Norwegian and intend to explore that market. The southern Norwegian coastal climate is not that different from ours. Second choice would be Ireland or Denmark for languages I understand. My Dutch was never good and I haven’t used it for over 25 years. I haven’t used German seriously since leaving school 46 years ago, other than ordering cake in a café.