Grants of £7k 'to be offered to households to ditch gas boilers' - Energy

Will that be £7 k towards the £20k cost of insulating - sorry for the pessimism, but considering how the roll out for heat pumps is going on the green grant - householders will surely have to insulate to qualify?

Or will they simply start to size heat pumps according to heat loss and not make insulation a condition??
I am getting to the point of just sorting out my wardrobe - to insulate myself!! I’ve had enough of trying to insulate the house to get a heat pump. :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

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Carla - please don’t shoot the messenger I am as sceptical as you about these sorts of announcements but if there is money on offer I don’t see any point in not taking it. The problem here is that the government is working on the assumption that it only costs £10k to retrofit and install a heat pump because that is what the climate change committee has told them.

Hi Ian . Sorry for my awful pessimism it is highly opposite of my usual nature.
Dealing with these grant schemes and our clueless government failing us is bringing out the worst in me!! :crying_cat_face:

The heat pump installer for the LADS grant scheme came out to survey the house for a heat pump this morning - we won’t be eligible as we don’t have any wall insulation or underfloor insulation. Our house is solid brick so we can only go with internal or external.
We need to rethink our retrofit around further insulation if we’re to have a heat pump. Obviously ventilation and windows to accommodate thicker walls will be a consideration.
At least we’re well informed in our retrofit approach and that has more today with the forum and members like yourself sharing information to help us - I really appreciate that. :smiley:

For now at least it seems to be watch this space for heat pumps eh!!

All the best

This is great news, thank you for sharing, Ian.

I need to get my finger out and start the ball rolling on this. I’ve been plotting a move to heatpump for a while but as yet no action.

Can anyone point me to where to start? Who can assess our house’s suitability?


The effect of grants like this is to push prices up. When the scheme launches the cost of a fitted heat pump will jump by at least £7000. The installer/supplier win. Not the householder.

I was just rereading your post Ian and having a think about costs of fitting , what’s needed and being quoted etc.
I think after our experience with the LADs rollout of the grant recently
I 've been sharing our experience about it on here - it is definitely making me a sceptic too. It’s really got me wondering, not just about pricing, but embodied carbon, self reliance and human need.

The pricing for heat pumps and insulation is understandably fluctuating as people and resources need to be paid for - it’s becoming obvious we’re not going to get something for nothing - even grants will have conditions somewhere. I really feel sorry for the installers too - seems like they jump through so many hoops then don’t get paid as they should.

With regards to sustainability - all of this stuff has embodied carbon and will contain minerals etc. This concerns me - more and more I keep coming back to less is more in sustainability.

Then there’s self reliance - I’ve had enough of our government and the incompetence. In terms of finance, the way in which the funds are being used is scandalous.
Based on our current needs and practicality - putting on a jumper and creating one room as a thermal envelope in our home for comfort and warmth, is very much the most ethical way we can reduce our carbon consumption and is financially the most attainable way forward for us right now.

Non of what I am starting to see as a sustainable way forward supports much of the current economy. Sustainable to me is looking to be more in permaculture and sharing - more practical cycles and solutions.
I’m still trying to be convinced about sustainable technology , because I can’t ignore embodied carbon and wonder about where and how materials are sourced.

BTW @Ian do you have a heat pump?
We were thinking to get one and prepared to go with a cooler house in Winter just to take a leap and get off the gas - but in looking at heat pumps and the fabric of our home it has shone a glaring light on things like ’ our sub floor and the state of the crumbling pointing on the brick foundations , add to that the joists that we can’t get too without a huge rip out of the floorboards which are nailed down and will split when we prise them up, then we’ll need new replacements; all of this just uncovered in trying to accommodate underfloor insulation for a heat pump . Then I’m wondering ’ Well hang on a minute ! Can’t I just insulate the floor from the top?’
It’s like being on a merry go round - but it’s not merry!! Are these the kind of things that have made you sceptical too Ian ?
There seems to be a lot of us getting sceptical on here. :grimacing: I just hope our feedback is helpful in ironing out the problems and not creating more.